Generation Anxiety

The ‘post-digital’ is often described as two-sided. Both sides are relevant to artistic and social relationships in the digital age, and the quickly aging medium of “new” media.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fans & Textual Poaching

Many fans and critics have found the products that surround the show….questionable, and generally catering to or created by the heterosexual male Buffy fandom. Referred to by some as “textual poaching,” this unwilling transportation of female heroines to comic-style pinups and horror rag splash art is all too common, and has landed many a cult character squarely in the gaze she had been skillfully evading.

Dystopian Blueprints: Architecture as Narrative in Blade Runner and The Fifth Element

From the simplest of storefronts, to the most ambitious skyscrapers, architecture expresses the institutions and structures that define and confine a society. With its ability to remain and tell its designers’ truths, comes its great capacity to tell their lies. Over the past, let’s say two centuries or so, architectural curiosity has been cautiously excavating our future. Our cities are populated by simulacra structures, built to resemble the future we envision, but cannot yet exist;